By nvk (nick von kleist)



By nvk (nick von kleist)

grass uproots
in quick steps;
running in
new time

//zoom out—
clear the sky
& screen:
all levels,
all at once

//zoom out, out, out––
ready to play?

\\press start//

//zoom in––
awoken in a forest,
the sun bathes you
––an image of wood
in a green dress––
a shadow rests on time,
a dirty mirror,
raging bears;
a halo of orange
bourbon & blurred faces
overlay in stills––

//zoom out––
you must spell out:
with your tongue;
try again

//zoom in––
a predusk wash.
the clouds here
are stone.

//zoom in—
get out—
the body is,
an anti-harmony––
body running;
you spit––glitch––
wet: the dew rich grass;
step; lick––

—you fall in.

eyes manifest,
hands––your mouth;
your legs,

//zoom out––
level ten
level four
level up

but you need no helmet,
you are different

the floor is concrete.
melodic runs.

//zoom in––
find an exit––
and the shaken
ppl; those ppl,
tired, tired of
the back to darkness––

out the portal,
off the platform,
a deep plunge,
a twist into words
down a hall,
like strawberries.

//zoom out—
you look up &
you hear the
blurred faces &
toenails stuttering on
the in-between breeze

//zoom out—
a stone bell end of
all your emotions, &,
i am tired;
health, coin & quest:
a sense of place;

you made your way, but
couldn't walk.
dust covered the sun,
its pixels ripping
behind a leaf of cloud
swirling down spirals
in you/
on you

//zoom in––
& pressed against
––bearing your
skin to the sky––
if you stay in a place like this,
you might not be able to connect

//zoom in––
how do you,
you rustle &
stumble again

//zoom in––
a body
still means borders

//zoom in––
moist paint

//zoom out—
crazy adventure:
chair, drink
& dust.

//zoom in––
the paper broke––
but your shame was
like voice over
on branches breaching
from lips to steps

awake after pause,
chattering from
somehow spitting
in circles, around
a puddle that is
your eyes

//zoom in––
your legs bend,
you stumble.
it's not much further

//zoom in––
& fusing skin
falters. now, your
drawn smacks
seem bare—
& you slur:
a cyber sense of

//zoom in––
& you’re dragging
a halo of orange
& its shadow rests
in pixels;
running in circles,
neons leading you;
you couldn’t connect

//zoom out––
it was definitely past
glitching, when
the wet paper,
sitting seafoam
& your white shoes
frozen, disarrayed
& mid-spill
as notes struck
a strong whiff of
glorious, cheap, available

//zoom out—
memory frozen.
after the sun’s death,
my tendons were cigarettes
& the tobacco spilled out,
on the dark bar.

//zoom in––
a mad body,
a grin,
a leaf appears;
metamorphosis is in.

“sassy spiral” (2023)

//zoom in––
find out
how you came to this
it fills the foreground
over the long stone;
the shield is
are you
at once sound &
a peninsula,
with words sprouting:
‘save them’

you have
a multi-headed,
blurred, slumped body,
between times

yes please

//zoom in––
like pine,
the linoleum
tingling awake––
fruit fwd phlegm,
frozen & vibrating

more health
more hearts
more time

red tipped lavender
& a swarm of green—
last night
ripples in.

there was all this
wind again
in loops––

//zoom in––
examine your surroundings,
stones soak,
so many spirals
swimming in wails.

//zoom out––
& green––
ripples out.

//zoom in––
you’re dragging
the glitch rich grass.

\\back to start. 

nvk (nick von kleist) is an artist, poet, performer and producer who investigates the archive and its debris as repertoire to be rehearsed, fractured and reconfigured, repeatedly. nvk explores ways that the virtual and personal can inspire new conceptions of context, time, access and equity. nvk has recently published a metamorphic book of poetry, “w-a-t-e-r-s-l-i-d-e-s” with Risiko Press (Antwerp), appearing as sound with Ignota Press, and a performance with Montez Press Radio (NY). nvk has ongoing performance-based collaborations with Michelangelo Miccolis, Kris Lemsalu, Autumn Knight, Cally Spooner, Nikima Jagudajev, and Dora García.