Your guide to Estonia and beyond 2022


Your guide to Estonia and beyond 2022


Tallinn Art Hall will open in a new location

Lasnamäe Pavilion (Lindakivi square), Tallinn

While Tallinn Art Hall’s historical building is being renovated, the Art Hall will open in a new location in the district of Lasnamäe in Autumn 2022. The highlights of the 2022 programme include Barricading the Ice Sheets, an exhibition by Oliver Ressler (curated by Corina L. Apostol, 27 August – 6 November) still in the historical building, and a group show Is There Hope for Lovely Creatures? (curator: Tamara Luuk, 26 November – 5 February) in the new locationn.

An overview of Estonian art of the 2000s

Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn

Until 10 October 

The exhibition Art in the Comfort Zone? The 2000s in Estonian Art offers insights into the art of the noughties. The exhibition is curated by Eha Komissarov and Triin Tulgiste.

Herkki-Erich Merila, Arbo Tammiksaar. Welcome to Estonia 2002, Tartu Art Museum

Diana Tamane solo shows Typology of Touch and Half Love 

Typology of Touch, EKKM, 14 April – 5 June (Tallinn)
Half Love, Tartu Art Museum, 17 June – 16 October (Tartu)

Artist Diana Tamane presents two solo shows simultaneously at EKKM in Tallinn, and Tartu Art Museum in Tartu. Tamane often uses her family members and herself as the leading characters in her work. The personal dimension in stories about Eastern European life allows for generalizations about how identity in the region has been shaped during the transitional period. 


Agents of Perception

Kai Art Center, Tallinn
9 April – 26 June 

The exhibition presents six artists – the German ars viva prize winners for 2022, Lewis Hammond, Tamina Amadyar and Mooni Perry, and three remarkable emerging artists from the Baltic region Laura Põld, Anastasia Sosunova and Janis Dzirnieks. The curator of the exhibition is Maria Helen Känd.


Vana-Võromaa Culture House Gallery, Võru
6 May – 26 June 

The exhibition deals with the relationship between Estonians and their natural environment. Using bitter humour and sustainable gestures, the show attempts to raise awareness of the impact of today’s actions on our dream future. The exhibition is curated by Siim Preiman (Tallinn Art Hall).

Group exhibition Where is the Body

Narva Art Residency, Narva
7 May – 8 June 

Taking place in two chapters in Vienna and Narva, the exhibition initiates dialogues between a generation of upcoming artists, while aiming to find common ground within the diverse scope of contemporary painterly expressions. The show is curated by Lilian Hiob and Julius Pristauz.

Curatorial show by Jurriaan Benschop

Kogo gallery, Tartu
30 June – 27 August

The show, curated by Jurriaan Benschop with artists Veronika Hilger (Munich), Milla Aska (Helsinki) and Paula Zarina-Zemane (Riga), introduces three contemporary painters.

Diana Tamane, Family Portrait. Video still

VIII Artishok Biennial 

Tallinn Botanical Garden, Tallinn
29 September – 30 October

8th Artishok Biennial, curated by Ann Mirjam Vaikla, brings together 10 international artists and 10 art critics at the botanical garden, which will become the site of and for collective learning/unlearning for the invited participants. During the opening marathon 10 commissioned artworks will be presented, each of them accompanied by newly written critical texts. The final exhibition and collection of texts offers visitors 100 different ways to interpret the artworks and their artists.

Solo show by Taavi Suisalu Attention Figures

EKKM, Tallinn
27 August – 16 October

The largest solo show of Tallinn based artist Taavi Suisalu deals with the changing self-image in the era of algorithmic imagination, attention economy and rapidly developing technologies.


When visiting Estonia, it is easy to plan a short visit to Helsinki (2-hour ferry ride from Tallinn) or Riga (4-hour bus ride from Tallinn or Tartu)

Estonian artists in dialogue with the Helsinki Art Museum collection

Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki
2 February – 29 May

Curator Denis Maksimov has invited five Estonian artists to each respond to a work from the HAM collection by choosing an existing artwork of their own to be exhibited alongside the collection piece.

Kiasma, the contemporary art museum in Helsinki, reopens with ARS22

Kiasma Art Museum, Helsinki
8 April – 16 October

Extending to all floors of the Kiasma building, exhibition is a comprehensive view of the latest trends in international contemporary art. The exhibition culminates in autumn 2022 with the Lithuanian participatory opera Sun and Sea.

International art festival SURVIVAL KIT 13 – The little bird must be caught

2 September – 9 October
Various locations in Riga

The annual art festival SURVIVAL KIT will this year be inspired by the title of a poem by Ojārs Vācietis. The poem, forever timely, directs us towards questions related to free speech, the power of the voice and the vocal, the role of the sonic in resistance, revolution and dissent, and those that wish to silence such voices.